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UK Studio was co-founded by Irene Liu, an architect with a Master's degree in Architecture, and Ricky Yan, an interior designer who graduated from China Academy of Art. UK Studio is an architectural photography studio with a design experience background, international vision, and artistic aesthetics, making continuous improvement over the years.


The studio operates around three main categories: "Architectural Photography", "Interior Space Photography " and "City View".


Since its establishment, the partner Irene and Ricky have been exploring and thinking continuously, have conducted in-depth observations in each city, and recorded the most touching and true scenes. UK Studio has also been recording design in real life, recording the growth of every designer, and shooting works with artistic and humanistic power.


UK Studio is not only shooting architecture and space, presenting the most beautiful scene, but also a kind of thinking. During the shooting, we will appreciate the designer's intentions, perceive people's behavior in space, and think about the relationship between architecture and the environment. This kind of thinking shooting makes the photo more spiritual and full of vitality. The charm of architecture comes from the scale of time, but also the dialogue with natural light and shadow. Every photo of UK Studio is a dialogue between the photographer and space, which is what architectural photography means for UK Studio.

About Us

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